StickyPad is a free application that allows you to create notes and reminders
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StickyPad is a free application that allows you to create notes and reminders with the look and feel of the classic post-it notes. With StickyPad, you can create and keep in your desktop fancy, colorful notes to remind you of to-do tasks, important dates, appointments, or any other information you don't want to forget about.

From the app's main menu, you can quickly create new notes as well as make visible all the existing ones. Notes can be moved around, placed anywhere on the screen, and can be easily resized to suit your needs. They can contain text only, but, on the bright side, you can customize notes by choosing the font color and size, as well as set some other aspects, like the notes transparency level and background color. Besides, notes can be set to stay on top of other applications, so you can always keep an eye on the information you're working with. Other settings are available via the Options dialog, for example, the possibility of using hotkeys for the app's main functions.

StickyPad also offers the option of setting reminders for each individual note; at the specified time an alert will show up to remind you of that specific note playing a sound of your choice.

While I would have liked to be able to insert URLs, images, or bulleted lists into the notes, or a way to sort out all the created notes, I have no complaints with the app's straightforward approach and features. It is an efficient and useful tool that can help you keep the information you need always at hand.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Several options to customize the notes appearance and behavior


  • Does not allow inserting images and links.
  • Does not include a notes organizer
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